Direct, provocative and engaging. Concepts, art direction & word smithing for brands, publications, and people.


Oksana Valentelis

From the age of 16 I studied Philosophy at Heythrop college in London and later Graphic Design at Central St Martins, where I double-majored in Advertising and Film.

I am a hybrid creative. Meaning I do both - Art and Copy. Having a vast experience working on ATL and BTL campaigns - often going across the two. But you'll probably want me to write your next Sci-Fi/Slasher flick for an unsuspecting brand with untapped potential.

 I have made work for Fallon London and Minneapolis, The Monkeys in Sydney, Fabula, Razorfish, Anomaly, BBH and The Brooklyn Brothers. I'm currently residing at the renown Grey office in London. I've gotten a lot of press coverage on campaigns for Nokia, Boost Mobile, Alcon, Samsung Bedtime VR Stories and most recently cancer Research UK. Winning a handful of awards in the process. 

 I also do fine art on the side and sell my prints via Nelly Duff gallery in London's East End: nellyduff.com




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